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Winter 2008

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Secretary Bodman posts the first e-scale on the Palm Harbor Bimini show home
assisted by Assistant Secretary Karsner
and FSEC's Deputy Director Fairey.

Photo Credit: DOE
Palm Harbor Bimini II
Builder Challenge Home
Glen Cairn
Glen Cairn Manufactured Home at IBS
Photo Credit: David Hoak
Vision House
Vision House Showcases
Green Technologies
Photo Credit: Roberto Carrion
Gauge Helps Drivers Improve Gas Mileage
Photo Credit: Danny Parker
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FSEC Helps DOE Launch Building America Challenge
FSEC Building America Builder Partners and other energy-efficient builders joined Secretary Bodman on stage to "take the challenge" to build homes that are between 70 and 0 on the EnergySmart Home Scale (E-Scale).
DOE Press Release

FSEC Partner Demonstrates Builders' Challenge Homes
FSEC partner Palm Harbor Homes teamed up with a multitude of product sponsors to manufacture two homes that were displayed at the 2008 International Builders Show (IBS).  FSEC provided in-depth technical assistance to assure significant levels of energy efficiency and sustainable design.
Homes’ Energy-Efficiency and Green Profiles

Vision House Shows Off Green Technologies
FSEC's Building America Team helped Westmont Homes demonstrate a variety of green technologies for the 2008 Orlando Vision House that received many visitors at the Builders Show.
Synopsis of Technologies
Florida Cities Go Green
Tallahassee and Dunedin joins St. Petersburg as being designated green cities.FSEC led the development of the green local designation offered by FGBC.
FGBC Green Local Government Standard

Publications Now Online

Improved Duct Systems Task Report
BAIHP’s work with two industry partners, Cavalier Homes and Southern Energy Homes, in constructing and evaluating prototype interior duct systems is summarized. Issues of energy performance, comfort, DAPIA approval, manufacturability and cost are addressed.

Pilot Evaluation of Energy Savings from Residential Energy Demand Feedback Devices
This paper briefly reviews past research and describes a two year pilot evaluation of a low cost residential energy feedback system installed in twenty case study homes in Florida.

In the News
Can Feedback Improve Automobile Fuel Efficiency?
Danny Parker demonstrated this new plug in device that allows any automobile to provide instantaneous mile per gallon to the driver. In the NBC spot, Danny demonstrates some of the lessons learned from using the device to improve mileage by 20% or more.
Three Green Home Building Courses Offered:

Energy-Efficient Florida Home Building
Learn how to design, construct, equip and market energy-efficient Florida homes. Offered April 30 and Aug. 7, 2008.
Course Description

Florida Green Home Designation Certification Course
Learn how the certification process for Florida's green home designation standard works. Offered May 1 and Aug. 6, 2008.
Course Description
LEED® for Homes for Field Agents
This course is designed to take current Florida green home certifying agents, Florida energy raters and LEED® professionals through the LEED® for Homes program in order that they may be eligible to be field raters for Florida homes. Offered April 9, 2008.
Course Description
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