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Winter 2006

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IBS House
2006 International Builders Show:
Palm Harbor display home.

Floor Plan

Return Air Crossover and Zonal
Pressures in a Commercial Building.
Green Roof
Green Roof Instrumentation
Evaluating Energy Performance.
Photo by: Jeff Sonne
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15th Symposium on Improving Building Systems in Hot Humid Climates
Current Sponsors - Funding Projects of $50k or more
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FSEC Chosen for DOE 5-Year Contract for Building America and Energy Plus
The United States Department of Energy announced that FSEC led teams were selected from a highly competitive competition to serve as contractors on two key areas to help reduce energy use in buildings. FSEC's Building America team, led by Dr. Subrato Chandra, will strive for 30% to 50% whole-house energy savings for production, manufactured and site-built housing. FSEC's Energy Plus team, led by Don Shirey, will direct a multi-agency effort to improve building modeling capabilities in DOE's premier simulation program, Energy Plus.
News Release | BAIHP | Energy Plus

International Builders Show
BAIHP partner Palm Harbor Homes teamed up with a multitude of product sponsors to manufacture three show homes that were displayed at the 2006 International Builders Show.  These profiles highlight the homes’ energy efficiency and green attributes.
Case Study

Publications Now Online

Unbalanced Return Air in Commercial Buildings
Research in 88 central Florida commercial buildings during the last decade has found that 26% of the air distribution systems had substantially unbalanced return air. This paper examines this problem and its consequences in three commercial buildings, and explains why balancing air flow in buildings is a critical part of maintaining a healthy and energy efficient building.

Unbalanced Return Air in Residences: Causes, Consequences, and Solutions
Field research performed in 70 central Florida homes found that return grills are almost always located in the central zone of the house, and that individual rooms rarely have ducted return air or return transfer pathways. These pressures and increased infiltration rates impact indoor air quality, indoor relative humidity, energy use, peak electrical demand, comfort, and system sizing.

Evaluating Green Roof Energy Performance
Initial results are in for a Florida green roof project.  Summer monitoring results show a central Florida university green roof to have significantly lower maximum roof surface temperatures and reduced heat flux compared with an adjacent light colored conventional roof.

Article from ASHRAE Journal


FSEC Helps Bring 15th Hot Humid Symposium to Florida
The fifteenth Symposium on Improving Building Systems in Hot Humid Climates will be held in Florida for the first time, July 24-26, 2006.

2006 Workshop Schedule
40 classes are offered in the 2006 workshop schedule for building professionals and trades.

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