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Winter 2005

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James Fenton
James Fenton, new director of FSEC
Photo By: Nicholas Waters
FGBC, Inc.
New standard designates cities and
counties as outstanding stewards.
Gossamer Wind fans save
consumers millions.

New and improved website
offers information about windows.
Photo By: Steven C. Spencer

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James Fenton Named Director of the Florida Solar Energy Center
James M. Fenton, associate director and co-founder of the Environmental Research Institute and professor of chemical engineering at the University of Connecticut, has been named director of the Florida Solar Energy Center.
News Release

FSEC Develops System for Designating Local Governments Green
The Florida Green Local Government Standard designates Green Cities and Green Counties for outstanding environmental stewardship. It is expected that certified green city and county governments will gain recognition and publicity, function more efficiently, reduce risk, and achieve dollar savings.
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Over 600,000 Gossamer Wind Ceiling Fans Saving Energy
Developed at the Florida Solar Energy Center, the popular Gossamer Wind® series ceiling fans provide significant energy savings through aerodynamic design and improved lighting and controls.
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New Windows Research Website
This website offers a wealth of information about windows and other fenestration systems, how they work, and how to choose the best one for your location.
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Expanded Energy-Efficient Schools Website
Our research on energy efficient educational facilities includes measured energy use (kWh and kW demand), interior comfort conditions (temperature and relative humidity), indoor air quality, and lighting.
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Publications Now Online

Cold Climate Case Study; High Efficiency North Dakota Twin Homes
The Eastern Dakota Housing Alliance has completed 8 of 20 planned multi-family and single-family dwellings on Selkirk Circle in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

Performance and Applications of Gossamer Wind™ Solar Powered Ceiling Fans
Efficient fan performance measured powered by solar applications may include warehouses and other remote buildings where power is not available.


Two New Courses for Engineering Certification Offered
Courses designed to assist Florida Professional Engineers in meeting the requirements for license renewal have been developed by the Florida Solar Energy Center in Cocoa.
News Release

2005 Course Schedule Released
Over 30 Building Science and Energy Rating Courses offered through the Florida Solar Energy Center.
Course Schedule

In the News
FSEC's Local Government Standard appears in Local Government Commission Newsletter
This nonprofit organization recognizes the standard in newsletter to those trying to build "livable communities."
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