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Summer 2016

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Construction workshop
In the Introduction to Construction Jobs & Energy Efficient Housing workshop, students learn basic construction techniques and how to integrate energy efficiency features.
Photo: Sherri Shields
The UCF Student Design Team received first place in the ASHRAE Integrated Sustainable Building Design Competition.
Respondents Answers
More respondents were unfavorable towards the anticipated code changes than were favorable. Read more in the publication.
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New Buildings Research Capabilities Video Released
FSEC has created "What if" - a video providing a quick overview of why, how and where the FSEC buildings research team conducts research.
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UCF EcoStruction Workshops Provide Steps Toward a Sustainable Career
EcoStruction is a series of workshops offered by UCF/FSEC that provides the first steps toward a sustainable career path in clean energy, sustainability or the environment. Sponsored by CareerSource Brevard as part of the Clean Energy Jobs Accelerator Grant, participants were able to choose from five different courses and received Sustaining Service training by UCF’s Rosen College of Hospitality to develop customer service and soft skills that are in high demand by Brevard employers.
UCF Student Team Wins Design Competition
Congratulations! The University of Central Florida (UCF) Student Design Team received first place in the ASHRAE Integrated Sustainable Building Design Competition. FSEC's Dr. Muthusamy Swami served as Faculty Advisor. The competition involved designing a new office and administration building with attached dispatch center located in Beijing, China. 
Comprehensive Modeling of Optimal Paths to Reach Nearly Zero Energy Buildings for New Constructions in Europe
As established by the recast of the European Union Directive on Energy Performance of Buildings, all new buildings (nZEBs) have to be nearly zero energy buildings by the end of 2020. This report describes results obtained from the modeling of nZEBs for new constructions in Europe using the energy performance software EnergyPlus.
Evaluating the Economic Impacts of the Legislatively Delayed Provisions of the 5th Edition (2014) Florida Building Code
This research provides an assessment of the potential economic impacts of implementing three legislatively delayed requirements of the Florida Building Code, 5th Edition (2014): 1) residential air leakage testing, 2) residential whole-house mechanical ventilation, and 3) two fire service access elevators for applicable buildings.
Residential Building Air Leakage (Blower Door) Testing
Learn how to perform residential building air leakage tests using a blower door in compliance with 2014 Florida Residential Energy Code. Offered Sept 6, Oct 20, Nov 21, and Dec 15.

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