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Summer 2009

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Jim Cummings
James Cummings accepts the Journal
Paper Award at ASHRAE's June
conference in Louisville, KY.
Chuck Withers displays
his Journal Paper Award.
Patrick Gillis
FSEC's Patrick Gillis adds the first coat of bright white latex paint to FSEC test
buildings. Photo by: Danny Parker
CP3 home demonstrating high performance features
One of the three side-by-side homes demonstrating high performance features.
Cambridge Cove II Apartment Complex
Cambridge Cove II Apartment Complex
Rater Training
Learn how to become a home energy rater. Classes fill up fast! Register today!
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Publications Now Online
FSEC's Cummings and Withers Receive Distinguished Awards from ASHRAE
James Cummings and Chuck Withers, Jr. received the 2008 Journal Paper Award for their article, Problems Related to Air Handler Leakage. The award honors the best paper or article published in ASHRAE Journal.
Press Release
FSEC Opens Door to New Training Center
Equipped with 18 mini-house modules, the new center offers expanded hands-on experience for energy raters and weatherization agency inspectors.
Energy Rater Training
Reminder: 2007 Rater Recertification to end in Fall 2009
FSEC's Energy Gauge Office would like to remind energy raters that the 2007 recertification will end in Fall 2009. All energy raters that have not recertified should do so at this time. If an energy rater fails to recertify, their status will be set to inactive.
Reflective Walls to Reduce Space Cooling
In the summer of 2008, an experiment was performed to see how making walls reflective would reduce space cooling. The experiment used FSEC's night cooling test buildings, which both had their walls altered from a tan color to bright white at mid summer. The observed cooling energy reduction was about 12%-- very similar to that predicted by simulation.
Three Side-by-side Home Comparison
As part of the U.S. DOE Building America program, FSEC and CPS Energy are evaluating the performance of three homes in San Antonio, Texas with identical floor plans and orientation. One home built to builder standard practice serves as the control (CP1), while the other homes (CP2 & CP3) demonstrate high performance features.
News Release | Description & Data: CP1 | CP2 | CP3
Side-by-side Gas Water Heater Comparison
Cambridge Cove II is an 80 unit apartment complex. The apartments use natural gas for cooking, drying, space heating and hot water. Two apartments have been instrumented to measure the savings of a tankless gas water heater over a tank-type gas water heater.
Description & Data
Publications Now Online
Analysis of the ENERGY STAR Reference Home Concept as Proposed for EPA’s 2011 National Program Requirements
Using EnergyGauge® USA v.2.8.02, FSEC has conducted an analysis of EPA's proposed ENERGY STAR Reference Design Home specification using three metrics: 1) EPS's threshold qualifying HERS Index, 2) the 2006 IECC Standard Reference Design and 3) the 2009 IECC Standard Reference Design.
Achieving Zero Energy Green Homes - Webinar Series
This 12 course series will teach students the key strategies to design, build and operate a zero energy home.
Course Description & Dates for 2009
EnergyGauge Class 3 Rater Training
Become a home energy rater. Class 3 Raters can rate new buildings only. Offered September 16 and December 2, 2009.
Course Description
EnergyGauge Class 2 Rater Training
Become a home energy rater. Class 2 Raters can rate new or existing buildings using site audit data. Class 2 Raters must be certified for Class 3. Offered September 17-18, 2009.
Course Description
EnergyGauge Class 1 Rater Training
Become a home energy rater. Class 1 Raters can rate new or existing buildings using both site data and actual field performance tests of the building's energy efficiency. Class 1 Raters must be certified for Class 2 and 3. Offered September 21-24, October 19-22, and December 7-10, 2009.
Course Description
EnergyGauge Pro Hands-On Training
Learn how to enter data and obtain Florida Energy Code, Energy Rating and system sizing results with the EnergyGauge USA FlaRes software program. Offered September 15 and December 1, 2009.
Course Description
From Blueprints to Residential Energy Code Compliance
Step-by-step guidance on how to complete a Florida energy code compliance form using plans. Offered September 14 and November 30, 2009.
Course Description
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