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Summer 2007

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Congrats to Mr. Philip Fairey and
Mrs. Stephanie Thomas-Rees.

Histograms of Building Load SHR
for Miamiat 75° F and 50% RH
comparing HERS Reference House
to High Efficiency House.

Read about Lakeland Habitat in the
Habitat for Humanity Partnership Update.
Photo Credit: Bob Abernethy
An aerial view of the University of
Central Florida's Orlando Campus.
Zero Energy use requires changes in lifestyle, energy production, and monitoring.
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Congratulations to:
Mr. Philip Fairey, FSEC deputy director and the founder of buildings research at FSEC, for his appointment as a full voting member of the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) 62.2 committee. This very important ASHRAE committee sets the Ventilation and Acceptable Indoor Air Quality in Low-Rise Residential Buildings standards.

Mrs. Stephanie Thomas-Rees, research architect at FSEC for her election to the board of directors of the Florida Green Building Coalition for a three year term representing the academic and research communities.
Florida Green Building Coalition

Publications Now Online

Closing the Gap: Getting Full Performance from Residential Central Air Conditioners
This study integrated detailed models of conventional and advanced cooling and dehumidification equipment into a TRNSYS-based building simulation model. Building models were developed for a standard HERS Reference house. The different houses were simulated in seven Southeastern U.S. cities, all with various ventilation/infiltration scenarios.
Publication (pdf)

Habitat for Humanity Partnership Update
Habitat affiliates: refer to the map of Habitat Energy Stars on page 1 of this Partnership Update and find your affiliate on the Climate Zone map. Follow links to Building America resources and start plotting a course toward higher performing homes.
Publication (pdf)

University of Central Florida (UCF) Recommissioning, Green Roofing Technology, and Building Science Training; Final Report
This document reports the activities of three tasks:
   1. recommissioning of three UCF buildings
   2. energy savings from a green roof on a UCF building
   3. building science training
Publication (pdf)
In the News - Creating a Zero-Energy Home
The concept of a Zero-Energy Home is gaining respect and backing from builders and power companies. A zero-energy home produces as much energy as it consumes over a year's time. FSEC's Danny Parker is quoted in describing that efficiency must come first to achieve this goal.
Miami NBC Affiliate Features FSEC Energy Analyst
As part of work with Building America, Danny Parker provided advice on  two segments filmed on a Miami home where the monthly bills have exceeded $900. The segments, originally aired May 2nd and May 9th and showed how a variety of efficiency measures can be used to lower energy use: compact fluorescent lighting, low-flow showerheads and thermostat management. The segments were so popular that they were shown repeatedly shown over a week-long period. The program helped the NBC affiliate earn an award for best Public Affairs Program ('Going Green') for 2007 by the Florida Associated Press. After installing some conservation measures and altering occupant behavior, the household has seen monthly energy costs go down by more that $400 per month from May - July. A follow-up segment is planned for the fall.
First Segment | Second Segment

From Blueprints to Residential Code Compliance
This course provides students with detailed instructions and examples of how to go from a set of blueprints to calculating the residential energy code. Next course offered September 10, 2007 in Cocoa, FL.
Course Description & Registration

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