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Summer 2006

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Zero Energy Home Builder Wanted
Outstanding Home Builders Wanted
The Energy Policy Pyramid presents
hierarchy with the most cost-effective
energy policies at the base of the pyramid
Neil Moyer
Correcting pressure imbalances in your
HVAC system can result in a healthier,
more efficient home
Uncle Sam

New tax credits for builders, design professionals, businesses and homeowners
passed as a part of the 2005 Energy Bill

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Outstanding Home Builders Wanted
FSEC is looking for Florida home builders for two new programs. One is the LEED for Homes pilot program - a national program for designating green homes. The second program is looking for a builder to provide side-by-side zero energy and standard homes for a new research study.
LEED for Homes Program | Zero Energy Homes Program

Publications Now Online

Cooling Performance Assessment of Building America Homes
Energy performance in many Building America homes has been documented with measured data collected over several years to verify savings projections. An evaluation of measured cooling performance is presented with data from nine homes in three climate regions.
Energy Performance Aspects of a Florida Green Roof
This monitored study evaluates summer and winter energy performance aspects of a green roof on a central Florida university building addition that was completed in 2005.
Measured Crawlspace Conditions in a HUD-Code Home
FSEC conducted research utilizing two unconditioned, old, singlewide side-by-side manufactured homes, one with a ground cover and one with exposed dirt under it.
School Conditions Will Continue to Earn Failing Grades
This study addresses indoor air quality and general condition problems in schools throughout the United States. Tools used include a nationwide web-based survey, characterization of actual operating conditions, diagnostic tests, and retrofits in problem schools.
The Energy Policy Pyramid©: A Hierarchal Tool For Decision Makers
Decision makers often jump first to fuel substitution to either lower emissions or counter fuel price escalation. When it comes to both return on short-term economic investment and long-term sustainability for the economy and environment, there is a clear hierarchy.

Staff in the News

Home Energy Magazine Online
Neil Moyer and Paul H. Raymer published Home Energy Magazine July/August 2006 Article: HVAC System Pressure Relief.


Energy Analysis for Obtaining Tax Credits and Energy-Efficient Mortgages
The 2005 Energy Bill passed by Congress includes new tax credits. Learn who is eligible to receive credits and how to determine the level of credit available. This course will demonstrate EnergyGauge® software tools that can help students calculate many tax credits.
Course Description and Dates
Residential HVAC as if Comfort and Energy Mattered
This course will address common HVAC problems that waste energy and reduce comfort, and how attempts to fix these problems often make things worse. Practical “use-it-today” information and demonstrations will help students learn how to do it right.
Course Description and Dates
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