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Summer 2003

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K-9 Comfort Cottage
The K-9 Comfort Cottage highlights a “whole building approach” that integrates multiple strategies to optimize K-9 comfort, sustainability and ergonomics
Systems Engineering approach examines important details
Philip Fairey
FSEC's Philip Fairey comments on housing's progress in Builder magazine
Current Sponsors - Funding Projects of $50k or more
-CDH Energy Group
-Florida Energy Office
-Florida Power & Light
-USDOE Building America
-USDOE Energy Codes
-USDOE Oak Ridge National
-USDOE Software Tools

-USDOE State Energy Program

Roof/Attic Insulation Testing Now Available
Roof material/attic insulation system testing available for season at FSEC's flexible roof facility.
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Energy Star Certified Palm Harbor Homes
FSEC staff certify four Texas plants as Energy Star.
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The K-9 Comfort Cottage
FSEC's design won “The Most Scientifically Designed Pet House” award at the Orlando Science Center contest.
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Show Me the Money: Selling Builders on Systems Engineering
Energy Star homes are selling for more than the exact same non-Energy Star homes. In one case, there was an increase in appraised value of $4,000 on a 1,550 square foot home.
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Publications Now Online

Energy Impacts of Air Handler Leakage
Study shows new Florida homes still have leaky ducts on the order of 12% of return air and 13% of supply air.
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EnergyGauge USA 2.1 Now Available
The only software product with integrated hourly photovoltaic simulation for zero energy home analysis.
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System Interactions in Forced-Air Heating and Cooling Systems, Part I
HVAC equipment efficiency factors quantified for ASHRAE Standard 152P.
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3 Building Science Courses Offered August 26th-28th
Florida Green Home Designation Certification Course, Energy-Efficient Florida Home Building, Checklist for Sustainable Developments.
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Staff in the News
Philip Fairey honored by National Home Energy Rating Industry for development of national standards.
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Danny Parker's article on cool roofs featured in June Journal of Light Construction (not available on web).
Rob Vieira presents first Florida green development designation to The Bonita Bay Group.
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Builder magazine selects Philip Fairey as one of ten pundits to comment on housing's progress and future in their April issue.
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