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Spring 2016

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Solar access mapping with Solmetric SunEye device and analysis software predicts solar system production (for sizing and cost effectiveness).
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New versions of EnergyGauge USA and Summit software was released.
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FSEC received the ENERGY STAR Certified Homes Market Leader Award for their role as HERS provider leading to 2,700 certified homes from energy raters.
Become an Energy Rater.
Next EnergyGauge Rater training course offering in September 2016.
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-Atlantic Housing Partners
-Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
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-Florida Power & Light Co.
-US Department of Agriculture
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-USDOE Building America
-USDOE Software Tools
USDA Subsidized Energy Audits
FSEC conducts energy audits, renewable energy assessments, and technical assistance for the USDA Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) grant and loan program specifically for renewable energy systems and energy efficiency improvements. Any Florida agriculture operation or rural small business is eligible for FSEC support.
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New Versions of EnergyGauge USA and Summit Released
The latest releases of EnergyGauge USA, Version 5.0.03, and EnergyGauge Summit, Version 5.20, provides new features and bug fixes to improve calculations of Florida and IECC code compliance and energy ratings.
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Florida Legislature Incorporates Rating as Method of Code Approval
Governor Rick Scott signed the Florida legislature passed HB 535 which has a number of items on the Florida Building Code including the immediate (July 1) ability to use an energy rating as one method of compliance. The latest EnergyGauge USA release has the ability for energy raters to select the Energy Rating Index for code compliance.
The ENERGY STAR Certified Homes Market Leader Award rewards organizations for work in promoting energy efficient construction and helping homebuyers experience the peace of mind, quality, comfort, and value that come with living in an ENERGY STAR certified home. FSEC received this award for their role as HERS provider leading to 2,700 certified homes from energy raters.
Award Winners
EnergyGauge Rater Training
Become an Energy Rater – learn how to be the one called to help verify compliance with Florida’s Energy Code, the Energy Star Homes, green home designations or DOE’s Zero Energy Ready Home program. Next course offering in September and November/December 2016.
Energy Star Version 3.0 Training
This training is tailored for the home energy rater to fulfill the training requirement of Energy Star version 3.0. Next offerings are May 24-25, 2016, and December 13-14, 2016.
Florida Residential Energy Code Compliance: Methods, Tools, and Verification
Whether you're building or renovating residences, you should be familiar with the Florida Residential Energy Code. This course will introduce the code and help you and become skilled with the tools for compliance.
Florida Commercial Energy Code Compliance: Methods, Tools, and Verification
Obtain a working knowledge of the Florida Commercial Energy Code and introduce yourself to EnergyGauge Summit by running energy use simulations and reviewing code compliance reports.

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