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Spring 2005

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Congress Building America
FSEC will provide technical assistance
to Congress Building America.
Fsec Intern, Matt Branch

FSEC Intern, Matt Branch, wires the
roof of UCF's student union building.

New Green Roof
New Green Roof at UCF's student union building. Photo by: Jeff Sonne
Subrato Chandra speaking
BAIHP Member, Subrato Chandra
addresses the audience at the
Homes in Partnership Ground breaking.
Night-sky cooling concept analyzed.
New condenser fan
New condenser fan design
may lead to energy savings.
Current Sponsors -Funding Projects of $50k or more
-CDH Energy Corp.
-Florida Energy Office
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-USDOE State Energy Program

Senate and House Resolution Partners FSEC's Building America Team with Affordable Home Builders
Habitat for Humanity affiliates will be partnering with local Congress members to build energy efficient, affordable homes under concurrent resolutions adopted by the U.S. Senate and House. Building America researchers will be providing affiliates and their congressional partners with recommendations toward an energy savings goal of 50% while also improving durability, comfort, and indoor air quality.
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FSEC and UCF Stormwater Academy to Determine Energy and Water Savings from University Green Roof
FSEC is monitoring the energy savings of a planted roof on part of a new addition of UCF's student Center under a DOE SEP contract while the UCF Stormwater Academy is determining stormwater reduction under contract from Florida's DEP.
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FSEC Releases Software for 2005 Florida Energy Code
The Florida Solar Energy Center has released new energy analysis software for compliance with Florida energy code and ratings. EnergyGauge FlaRes and ResFree provide code and rating tools for residences, while FlaCom is used for commercial code compliance. Each is now available for the new code that will take effect later this year.

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Design Assistance Provided for Seven Affordable Homes
The Building America Industrialized Housing Partnership (BAIHP) will provide design assistance to Homes in Partnership, Inc., as they construct seven 1,200 square foot homes in Sanford, FL. Homes In Partnership gives families in the Central Florida area, the opportunity to achieve the American dream of affordable home ownership. Estimated savings from recommendations are 9% beyond Energy Star level. 
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Publications Now Online

Validation of EnergyGauge® USA Using the HERS BESTEST
HERS BESTEST is a verification procedure developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to determine the accuracy and effectiveness of the energy load prediction capability of software tools used for Home Energy Ratings.

Theoretical Evaluation of the NightCool Nocturnal Radiation Cooling Concept
An evaluation has been conducted of the potential of a night sky cooling system to substantially reduce space cooling needs in homes in North American climates. The report describes the innovative residential cooling system which uses nocturnal night sky radiation from a roof integrated radiator.

Development of High Efficiency Air Conditioner Condenser Fans
With sponsorship from the U.S. Department of Energy, a research project has resulted in the design, fabrication and testing of improvements to an air conditioner outdoor unit fan system. The primary objective was to improve condenser fan performance while reducing motor power.


Earn Continuing Education Credits at Any of the 11 Courses Offered in August.
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In the news

Post-Hurricane Opportunities
Roofing, flooring, window and door options are explored in this article by FSEC's Danny Parker published in the March/April issue of Home Energy.
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Simpson Home Is First of Its Kind in WV
The first habitat house in West Virginia built under the CBA Program was recognized in the March 17, 2005 edition of The Pendleton Times.

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