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Autumn 2006

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1906 San Francisco Earthquake Cottage
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Florida Glitch Cycle Building Code Software Released
EnergyGauge FlaRes and FlaCom software products have been updated to meet Florida's mid-cycle code change - order your update today.
Florida Residential (FlaRes) | Florida Commercial (FlaCOM)

New FSEC Web Site
We have redesigned our Web site to be more informative and user-friendly. Take a look and let us know how we did by taking our survey. By completing this survey, you can help us continue to improve our site.
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Publications Now Online

Air Handlers: An Appliance of Airtight Defiance?
A study of air handler tightness was conducted using 69 heat pump, gas heat, and hydronic heat systems. Air handlers in Florida single-family homes built after January 2001 were tested during the period from June 2001 through June 2002. Testing occurred in 23 units in attics, 23 units in garages, and 23 units indoors.
Publication (pdf)

Appliances, Lighting, Electronics, and Miscellaneous Equipment Electricity Use in New Homes
This paper compiles and reports the results of several independent studies that shed light on the consumption of “other” end-uses in new homes. Generally, the studies collected data using two different methodologies: whole-house monitoring or device-level metering.
Publication (pdf)

Hurdling Financial Barriers to Low Energy Buildings: Experiences from the USA and Europe on Financial Incentives and Monetizing Building Energy Savings in Private Investment Decisions
This paper examines complementary policies in both regions that are creating a more favorable environment for such investments. The paper will explore new options to financing and identify areas where the European Union and the United States can cooperate.
Publication (pdf)

Getting It Right Matters: Why Efficiency Incentives Should Be Based on Performance and Not Cost
This paper offers observations about the strengths and weaknesses of two financial incentives: performance-based and cost-based.
Publication (pdf)

How Much Energy Are We Using? Potential of Residential Energy Demand Feedback Devices
Past studies of providing instantaneous feedback on household electrical demand show promise to reduce energy consumption by 10-15%. This paper surveys past research and describes a pilot evaluation of two low-cost monitoring systems in case study homes.
Publication (pdf)

Improved Specifications for Federally Procured Ruggedized Manufactured Homes for Disaster Relief in Hot/Humid Climates
The specifications presented in this paper allow for quality construction and includes renewable energy. This not only reduces utility bills during regular operations but provides electricity and hot water for essential functions during power outages associated with reconstruction following a natural disaster.
Publication (pdf)
2007 Course Schedule Available
FSEC offers many building science and energy rating classes for designers, builders, subcontractors, utility representatives, educators, facility managers and others. Most of our 2007 course schedule is now available for registration.
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