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Autumn 2005

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30 Years of Excellence
FSEC will celebrate their 30th anniversary on October 29, 2005 with an open house.

North facade

North facade of FIU's Solar Decathlon Entry.
Janet, Yong and Robert
FSEC's Janet McIlvaine joins FIU's Yong X. Tao and Robert Perez in the courtyard of the "Engawa" solar home.
White metal roof
A white metal roof was installed on a
hurricane damaged home in Cocoa.
Photo by: Dave Chasar
gas prices
Recent prices highlight the need for Energy-Efficient Transportation.
Photo by: Nick Waters

Current Sponsors - Funding Projects of $50k or more
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-USDOE State Energy Program

FSEC Celebrating 30 Years of Exellence
FSEC will celebrate its 30th anniversary on Saturday, October 29, with an Open House from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the center in Cocoa. The event is free and open to the public, so come visit and bring your questions on energy to talk with the experts. The event will be held rain or shine.
Florida International University’s 2005 Solar Decathlon Entry
FSEC and Building America (BAIHP) researchers provided technical assistance to FIU students and faculty for FIU's 2005 Solar Decathlon entry. The house is on display at the Mall in Washington D.C. in the Solar Village.
Case Study
Metal Roof Retrofit on a Hurricane Damaged Home
This home in Cocoa, Florida was damaged in the summer of 2004 by hurricanes Frances and Jeanne. A white metal roof was installed over the damaged shingles to reflect summer heat. Initial measured data show a 19% reduction in air conditioner energy use.
Case Study

Classic Pubs Now Online

In celebration of our 30th anniversary, we have updated a timely publication on transportation and recently placed three older publications online.

Energy-Efficient Transportation for Florida
With gas at three dollars a gallon, FSEC has updated research done on how to maximize fuel economy from your automobile. Which uses more gas: driving with windows down and no air conditioning or windows up with the air on? We made actual measurements to find out.

Energy Use in Attached and Detached Residential Developments: Survey Results
Few people consider both energy used for housing and local transportation. The study estimated detached household respondents used 2.4 times as much total energy as attached households.

Investigation of Air Distribution System Leakage and Its Impacts in Central Florida Homes
In the spring of 1989 this study investigated air distribution system (ADS) leakage in central Florida homes. Testing included using tracer gas and blower door tests. The impacts of duct repairs were measured.

Air change per hour with...
AH Location
AH off
AH on


Rebuilding for Efficiency: Improving the Energy Use of Reconstructed Residences in South Florida
In 1992, Hurricane Andrew devastated a large part of South Dade County in Florida. This study provides a preliminary examination of the various options available for efficiency.

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