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Autumn 2004

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Air Conditioning
FSEC has received a new contract to improve the efficiency of air conditioning systems.
Photo by: Steven Spencer
Replacement Graph
Air conditioner replacement
reduces peak load by 32%.
Daylit portable classrooms save energy and improve light levels.
Daylit portable classrooms save energy and improve light levels.
Photo by: Stephanie Thomas
Potential energy savings from 2kW photovaltic system on super energy-effecient homes.
Green Growth FTW
Green growth seminar and workshops being held in Ft. Walton in November.
Photo by: Rob Vieira
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FSEC to improve home air conditioning units
The Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC), under funding from the State Technologies Advancement Collaborative, will participate in a research project to reduce the energy use of residential air-conditioning systems. The project will focus on the development of next-generation central air-conditioning performance ratings, development of a central air conditioner specifically for hot/humid climates, and contractor training. Southern Company Services will also contribute funds for FSEC’s portion of the project.

FSEC Receives Contract to Expand Building Energy Simulation Program
The Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) has received a $252,000 contract from the U.S. Department of Energy's National Energy Technology Laboratory to expand the modeling capabilities of DOE's EnergyPlus building energy simulation program. The program is being developed by the U.S. Development of Energy, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and a number of other contributors, including FSEC. It lets architects, engineers, building owners and managers assess the energy use and operating cost impacts of their design choices.

FSEC Seeks Senior Product Engineer
The Florida Solar Energy Center is seeking a Senior Product Engineer to be responsible for the development, sales and distribution of FSEC’s EnergyGauge building energy analysis software with the overall goal of increasing customer satisfaction and market share of software products. This individual will provide leadership in prioritizing customer needs, determining design requirements, and performing tests to verify products meet specifications. The Sr. Product Engineer will supervise a team of software sales and technical support staff and programmers. A team of internal users and scientists and engineers will provide technical expertise.
Requirements: A Bachelors degree in science or engineering is required (Masters degree preferred), preferably in Mechanical or Architectural Engineering or Physics with an emphasis in HVAC and/or heat transfer, and at least two years relevant experience. Additional related technical experience is desirable.

Publications Now Online

Measured Energy and Peak Demand Reduction from High Efficiency Air Conditioner Replacement
Air conditioner replacements saved up to 50 % of energy use and peak demand in this study of five Florida homes. High efficiency units with variable speed air handlers showed higher savings than standard units.

Preliminary Evaluation of Performance Enhanced Relocatable Classrooms in Three Climates
Monitored results from side-by-side comparisons of standard portable classrooms with daylit energy-efficient units is provided. The three experiments, located in New York, North Carolina and Florida, indicate total energy savings of 40 to 60%. Publication

Geographic Variation in Potential of Rooftop Residential Photovoltaic Electric Power Production in the United States
Using EnergyGauge USA, the performance of a 2kW photovoltaic array on an extremely energy-efficient house is simulated for 236 cities. Results include percentage of total home electric and energy needs.

Performance and Applications of Gossamer Wind™ Solar Powered Ceiling Fans
Efficient fan performance measured powered by solar applications may include warehouses and other remote buildings where power is not available.

Assessing Six Residential Ventilation Techniques in Hot and Humid Climates
Ventilation strategies are important to providing fresh air for homes without excessive humidity or energy use. This study provides results from phase one of a research study.

Greening Our Growth
A two-day program to encourage green development and building will be offered in Ft. Walton Beach, FL Nov. 17 & 18.

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