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Autumn 2003

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FSEC enhances light quality for PERC Study.
FSEC enhanced the light quality of the NY PERC by retrofitting a sheet like enclosure around the skylight’s wells. This took place within the attic plenum to contain the natural light and help distribute it into the classroom space.
Flexible Roof Facility
The Flexible Roof Facility (FRF) is a test facility in Cocoa, Florida designed to evaluate five roofing systems at a time against a control roof with black shingles and vented attic
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FSEC and NASEO demonstrate 36% savings in a New York Performance Enhanced Relocatable Classroom (PERC).
Energy-efficient construction scores an outstanding grade in this monitored research project. A day lit portable classroom is compared to a conventional unit. Future results will include projects in North Carolina and Florida.
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Flexible Roofing Facility: 2002 Summer Test Results:
White metal roofing performs best of the six roof/attic configurations tested. The impact on residential cooling energy use and peak demand is reported.

Measured and Modeled Performance of ICF Construction
Insulated-concrete-form (ICF) homes reduce cooling energy use by 17 - 19% relative to comparable frame homes in Dallas, Texas suburb.

New "Failure Proof Buildings Series" offered for school designers, engineers and facility managers
This five-course series offers expert whole-building science methodology for schools and other buildings. Start designing and operating schools to avoid mold and mildew, discomfort and high energy bills. Joe Lstiburek, Terry Brennan and Neil Moyer are the instructors for the first course, "Designing the Building Envelope for Control of Moisture, Mold and Indoor Air Quality"
Description | Course Schedule
Building Science Training Center Course schedule set for 2004
Registration now available for courses ranging from energy codes to moisture diagnostics. Our series of courses for becoming certified residential energy raters are offered six times in 2004.
Building Science | Energy Raters
Staff in the News
Chuck Withers' article on Dandy Ductwork is the feature story in Smart HomeOwner magazine this month.

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