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Stylized Text: Hydrogen.

FSEC has been engaged in hydrogen Research and Development (R&D) since 1983 and it is today one of the leading hydrogen research centers in the world. Though the technology is relatively new and very few commercial products exist, our research has generated knowledge to impact our education and public outreach programs.

What follows is the first bits of information that will highlight the many ways hydrogen can impact your life. Our first offering is a primer that discusses all the challenges and uses of hydrogen.

Picture of hands holding a stack of books.Hydrogen Basics
With so many advances in technology, it's hard to keep up. This primer covers each of the major areas that hydrogen research is taking place in. Look here for explanations about where we are and where we're going with this technology.
Picture of Florida from space.Hydrogen and Florida
Hydrogen is important for Florida's future. From the space program to transportation and Florida's growing high tech industry; this section explore the many ways that hydrogen is currently being used and how it will be used in the coming years.
Picture of two Ballard fuel cells.Fuel Cells
Fuel cells produce direct current electricity by combining hydrogen and oxygen or by using a direct methanol process. This application of hydrogen is perhaps one of the most exciting. Explore this section to learn more about these amazing devices.