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Stylized Text: Hydrogen Basics.

There has been a lot of hype around hydrogen. Many people believe that hydrogen, when used as an energy carrier, will replace other fuels like gasoline in the near future. Products such as fuel cells, hold the promise of powering our portable electronics for longer and longer lengths.

This primer explores some of the major areas of research and use that hydrogen can be applied. This primer, whether read linearly or only in part can be a great resource to get up to speed on where the technology is.

Picture of a microscope sitting on a report.Introduction
Before jumping into the various possabilities and challenges associated with using hydrogen, one should explore what makes this humble element so special. This section explore how hydrogen can be used and why it's of interest.
Picture of a stock market listing.Economics
The hydrogen economy or hydrogen vision has been endorsed by many as the key to a clean energy future. The pivotal element of this vision is the transformation of the world’s transportation system from one based on oil to one based on sustainable hydrogen.
Picture of a photocatalytic reactor.Production
Hydrogen is not an energy source, it's a carrier. This energy carrier can be produced through a variety of methods. This section explores the current ways in which hydrogen is and can be produced.
Picture of a hydrogen storage tank at NASA.Storage
One of the largest challenges to the wide scale use of hydrogen is the storage of hydrogen after it is produced. The various storage technologies currently being developed and used are presented in this section.
Picture of a hydrogen car.Utilization
From fuel cells to internal combustion engines and even the space shuttle, there are a number of ways that hydrogen can be used. Explore some of the ways we'll be using hydrogen to power our world.
Picture of a man filling a hydrogen powered car at a hydrogen pump.Delivery
There are a number of issues with the delivery of hydrogen. This section briefly explores the issues that must be resolved if wide-scale delivery of hydrogen becomes a reality.
Picture of a piece of smart paint developed by FSEC showing a hydrogen leak.Safety
The transportation and handling of hydrogen requires special care. This section explores some of the unique challenges and tools being developed to help make hydrogen easy to use.
Picture of a girl in a class asking a question.Q&A
The promise of hydrogen has generated a number of questions. Over the years a few question have become standard among those who begin to learn about this promise of this humble element. Take a look at see if you're question has already been answered.