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The Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) is responsible for approving all solar water and that are sold or manufactured in Florida.

The system approval process was mandated by the Florida State Legislature as part of the Solar Energy Standards Act which required that beginning in 1980 all solar energy systems manufactured or sold in Florida meet standards established by FSEC.

The FSEC standards program has been designed to meet the intent of the legislation while also helping the Florida solar industry to develop quality products, aiding building departments in product approval, and instilling confidence in the consumer who chooses to use solar energy in their residence or business.

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Picture of FSEC employees performing a solar thermal test. System Certification Standards
If your solar thermal system is going to be sold in Florida, the system must be certified by FSEC. The process and test methods applied are described in this section.
Picture of a solar hot water storage tank used during a demonstration. System Ratings
This publication is a listing of all the domestic solar thermal systems that are currently approved by FSEC for sale or manufacturing in Florida. This listing also includes the Florida Energy Factors for these systems.
Testing and Certification Fees
By Florida Statute, FSEC is required to set fees that recover the costs of the testing, certification and rating services required for solar equipment and systems in Florida. Click here to view fee structure [136KB, Adobe Acrobat PDF].