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The FSEC testing program evaluates solar collectors to determine that they meet the certification standards.

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Testing and certification of both glazed (hot water) and unglazed (pool heating) collectors is a State of Florida-mandated activity. All collectors and systems sold or manufactured in Florida must be certified by FSEC.

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Picture of an FSEC employee testing a solar thermal collector.Collector Certification Standards
If your collector is going to be sold in Florida, the collector must be certified by FSEC. The process and test methods applied are described in the Florida Solar Standards section.

Picture of a solar hot water storage tank used during a demonstration.Glazed Ratings
A listing of FSEC certified glazed (solar water heating) collectors
is included in the ratings section. Specific information on the solar collector include manufacturer, glazing and absorber materials, and tested performance ratings.

Picture of an indoor pool in Jacksonville.Unglazed Ratings
A listing of the various unglazed (solar pool heating) collectors certified by FSEC can be found in the ratings section. Included is information on specific collectors' absorber material, size, and tested performance ratings.
Testing and Certification Fees
By Florida Statute, FSEC is required to set fees that recover the costs of the testing, certification and rating services required for solar equipment and systems in Florida. Click here to view fee structure [136KB, Adobe Acrobat PDF].