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Application for Collector Certification

Collector Certification

To apply for Collector Certification first read FSEC Standard 101-10

To qualify for FSEC collector certification you must first choose an approved laboratory, have your collector randomly selected, and complete the required tests according to the methods described in FSEC Standard 102-10

Submit the following:

1. Collector test report

2. Collector Application (PDF)

3. Collector drawings which show sufficient detail to accurately represent:

a. Aperture cover plate dimension and mounting detail.

b. Absorber plate dimensions including thickness, location and spacing of fluid flow paths; flow pattern: cross-section dimensions, shape and number of flow channels; tube wall thickness; and plat-to-tube heat transfer provisions.

c. Collector enclosure dimensions, provisions for attaching absorber and plate, and size and location of holes.

d. Collector assembly detail specifying fasteners and other attachment methods indicating overall dimensions.

e. For concentrator type, a cross sectional view, dimensions, and mounting detail.

4. Product warranty.

5. Working fluid and/or flow rate recommendations or restrictions. If a heat transfer fluid other than water is to be used, thermal conductivity and toxicity shall be provided.

6. Installation, operation, and maintenance considerations.

7. Signed Labeling Agreement (PDF)

Collector Certification by Private Label

Applicant must submit the following:

1. Private Label Application:  Word Document   PDF

2. Product warranty.

3. Installation, operation, and maintenance considerations.

4. Signed Labeling Agreement (PDF)

Owner of Existing FSEC Certification must submit the following:

1. Original Email or Signed letter authorizing applicatant to hold private label of certification


Fees for Testing and Certification

Standard fees for testing and solar collector certification by the Florida Solar Energy Center will be shown in the following schedule.

For FSEC to conduct other tests, evaluations or administrative actions in a combination not covered by the fee schedule, a fee will be established consistent with the fees listed above.

Icon representing an Adobe Acrobat PDF File. Fee Schedule for Solar Thermal Testing and Certification