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Our 20-acre research complex on Florida's Space Coast is adjacent to UCF's Cocoa Campus.  This state-of-the-art research campus is composed of a number of buildings that provide office, laboratory, and test facilities.


Picture of the front of FSECMain Office Building
Our most recognized symbol was designed by the Architects Design Group, Inc. of Winter Park with assistance from many of our researchers.  This building is often cited as: “One of the most energy efficient buildings in the world.”
Picture of one of FSEC's hydrogen labs.Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Laboratories
The Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Laboratories contain highly specialized scientific chemistry and materials related equipment that are used to conduct hydrogen research on production, storage, utilization and sensors and fuel cell research on membranes, fabrication, mass transport, surface properties and electrochemical diagnostics.
Picture of the FSEC PV lab equipment.Photovoltaic Materials Laboratory
The PV Materials Laboratory conducts a wide range of research for the development of renewable energy. The research projects include: PV module aging and durability testings, the development of thin film solar cells for terrestrial and space applications, the development of photoelectrochemical (PEC) cells for hydrogen production.
Picture of the FSEC solar simulator.Solar Thermal Test Laboratories
The Solar Thermal Test Laboratories are used for indoor and outdoor performance testing of solar thermal systems and collectors.
Picture of the Manufactured Housing LaboratoryManufactured Housing Laboratory
The Manufactured Housing Laboratory is a 1600 sq. ft. ENERGY STAR® manufactured home which is used in sample testing for the manufactured housing industry.
Picture of FSEC's Building Science LaboratoryBuilding Science Laboratory
The Building Science Lab allows for variation in the air tightness of the walls, ceiling, ceiling space to outdoors, and air distribution systems. This facility is used to train energy professionals in the techniques and technologies developed by our research.
Picture of FSEC's Flexible Residential Test FacilityFlexible Residential Test Facility
The Flexible Residential Test Facility offers two side-by-side 1536 sq. ft. homes for conducting residential scale experiments of one envelope or equipment technology versus another.
Picture of FSEC's Flexible Roof FacilityFlexible Roof Facility
Located a few miles north of FSEC's main office building at the field test site, the Flexible Roof Facility is designed to make side-by-side comparisons on the performance of different residential roofing systems.

Picture Climate-Controlled A/C Laboratory
The Psychrometric Climate-Controlled Laboratory is capable of testing air conditioning and heat pump systems in controlled environments.