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Picture of outdoor testing at FSEC.The Center's 100-member staff includes professionals with expertise in engineering, energy research, building science, energy and policy analysis, and education and training. The staff is also comprised of technical and administrative support personnel and university student assistants.

Research at FSEC is based on field monitoring, computer simulations and controlled experiments in highly-instrumented laboratories. These research efforts are developed in partnership with industry, nonprofit organizations, private sponsors and national laboratories. Results are published and widely disseminated through national and local media, as well as the Internet.

FSEC annually receives $3 million in operating funds from the University of Central Florida, and also performs contracted research and training for external sponsors. The value of FSEC contracts and grants ranges from $8 million to $12 million annually. Total funding since FSEC's inception in 1975 exceeds $130 million.

Accreditation plays an important part in providing quality research and product data to our customers. In December of 2003, PowerMark Corporation (PMC) accredited FSEC with the authority to certify photovoltaic modules power ratings. The center’s photovoltaic laboratory quality system and operational procedures have also been accredited by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) in August 2001 per the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2005, General Requirements for the Competence of the Testing and Calibration Laboratories (2000). We currently meet A2LA accreditation requirements. For complete list of our accredited testing methods, search for "FSEC" on the A2LA Web site.

Picture of an FSEC researcher working on duct work.Building Science
Everyone has one or has been in one. Our energy saving building science research has impacted millions. Take a look at what we can do.
Picture of an FSEC hydrogen research project.Hydrogen
Hydrogen and fuel cell technologies have seen great leaps of innovation in recent years. Our capabilities in hydrogen and fuel cell research and development is unparalleled; have a look.
Picture of a PV installation at FSEC.Photovoltaics
A technology that used to be out of reach of many, is now becoming affordable. Luckily FSEC has been working with production techniques and equipment testing for decades. See if our list of accomplishments and services can shed some light on your project.