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Portrait of Tei KucharskiTei Kucharski
Program Assistantt
Buildings Research

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Research Focus:

Tei Kucharski joined the staff of the Florida Solar Energy Center as the program coordinator for the Florida Energy Gauge Office in March of 1998.

Her tasks include marketing Energy Gauge® software to consumers, builders, real estate professionals and mechanical systems professionals, the training of new raters, educating diversified groups about the rating system and maintaining the ratings database. In addition, she has also conducted workshops and performed technical support for the now defunct Department of Community Affairs in Florida dealing with both residential and commercial energy code to building officials, HVAC contractors, and builders.

Ms. Kucharski has more than 37 years experience in preparing residential and commercial energy calculations and load calculations for builders. She is a Certified HERS Rater, RESNET Qualified QA, RESNET Qualified Trainer, Certified Florida Commercial Energy Rater and a certified residential building contractor in the 1990s. Over the past years at FSEC she has provided numerous trainings to utilities and other groups. She has served on the RESNET Training and Education Committee and now serves on the RESNET Certification Testing Advisory Committee as well as RESNET's Standards Development Committee 200. The RESNET Standards Development Committee 200 is responsible to oversee RESNET's education, training, assessment and certification standards and amending the standards. In the past, she served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Florida Housing Coalition, a non-profit affordable housing advocate for 10 years.