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Picture of Paul BrookerPaul Brooker
Assistant Professor
Solar Technologies Research

(321) 638- 1478
(321) 638-1010


B.S., Chemical Engineering
Brigham Young University, 2004

Ph.D., Chemical Engineering
University of Connecticut, 2009

Dr. Paul Brooker received his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Brigham Young University Provo, Utah in 2004. In 2009, he completed his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at the University of Connecticut, under the direction of Dr. Richard Parnas. His graduate and post-doctoral studies investigated the performance of fuel cells, as a function of electrode structure and membrane/electrode interfaces. He is currently an Assistant Research Professor at the Florida Solar Energy Center.

In addition to fuel cell membrane and electrode characterization, Dr. Brooker has extensive experience in identifying fuel cell failure mechanisms, through both in-situ and ex-situ characterization methods. His fuel cell expertise has expanded into flow battery research, where he is developing electrodes for enhanced performance of all-vanadium flow batteries. He has also developed a method to selectively reduce the negative electrolyte solution to ensure proper charge balance between the positive and negative solutions. Additionally, Dr. Brooker provides support for the Photovoltaic Manufacturing Consortium (PVMC), where he has assisted in identifying failure modes and wear mechanisms for diamond wires used in silicon wafer slicing.

Recent Publications:

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