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Virgin Island Energy Office - St. Thomas

Picture of the VIEO Trailer.

US Virgin Islands Energy Office SunPower at Work Facilty
46 D&E Kronprinsen Gade
Charlotte Amalie

Contact: Mr. Vincent Brath

Two solar systems will be installed as demonstration displays. This will include an ICS and thermosiphon system. The systems will be securely ground mounted adjacent to and behind the currently installed photovoltaic array. The systems will incorporate means for filling via a hose connector as well as being able to be drained. Simple shower heads with on/off activation switches will be installed at the system outlets for hot water demonstration purposes when required.


Systems type: Thermosiphon system
Integral Collector Storage system
Number of systems: 1 each 80 gallon thermosiphon system
1 each 30 gallon Integral Collector Storage system
ICS Unit: Minimum FSEC Rated Net Energy Delivered: 22,100 Btu
Thermosiphon Unit - Minimum FSEC Collector Intermediate Rating: 27,300 Btu per day
Auxiliary water heater: Not applicable. System for display only.
Required tilt angle ±18 Degrees. Ground mounted behind existing photovoltaic array.


Location: St. Thomas
Solar access at roof mounting location Unobstructed. Keep sufficiently away from photovoltaic array to prevent array from shading solar system collectors.
Solar orientation at roof mounting location South
Roof material Not applicable. Systems will be ground mounted.
Roof trusses Not applicable.
Roof pitch Not applicable.
Roof condition Not applicable.
Access to attic Not applicable.
Distance from collector location to water heater Not applicable.
Location of water water heater Not applicable.
Existing water heater

Not applicable.

Water heater drain valve No applicable.
Hot water outlet line from tank Not applicable.
Cold service line to tank Not applicable.
Cold service line to tank isolation valve None. Will use hose connection to provide water to solar systems during demonstrations.
Water system Not applicable


Demonstration systems

The systems will be used to demonstrate solar water heating system types. They will not be connected for standard use. Nevertheless, the systems must have a means by which to fill them with water during demonstrations. In addition, the systems will also incorporate capabilities for draining.

The outlet of the systems will also have shower heads installed that can be turned on and off during demonstration purposes.

Cold service to solar systems Cold service water will have to be routed from the main trailer to the two systems. A Y-type mechanism will be installed to provide the ability to fill and maintain pressure on the two systems simultaneously.
System mounting The systems will be ground mounted in the designated area behind the photovoltaic array. Ground mounting will require 5 gallon bucket size concrete footers sunk into the ground for long term stability. Standard mounting bolts and mechanical apparatus will be used for securing the systems to the footer mounting bolts.
System security VIEO staff will have to arrange to relocate the security system that currently overlaps the area where the two systems will be installed.
Monitoring equipment Since these system are for demonstration purposes only, no monitoring equipment will be required.

Note: Please also see the general program specification requirements.