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Picture of the Sponagle site.

Lewis Sponagle
122 Shoys
PO Box 24424
St Croix
Contact: Lewis Sponagle

Flat plate collectors will be mounted on a metal rack supplied by the owner. (See Site Information below.) The rack will be mounted on the south side of the building. An 80 gallon solar storage tank will be installed in the second floor mechanical room of the house. The system will provide solar water heating for the house.


System type: Direct active photovoltaic controlled
Number of system: 1 each
Collector(s): 2 each, 3 X 8 flat plate collectors or equivalent or larger
Minimum Total Collector FSEC Intermediate Rating: 16,100 Btu per day total per collector. 32,200 Btu per day total.
Auxiliary water heater: Replace existing water heater with new 80 gallon solar storage tank
Required tilt angle: ±18 Degrees. Mounted on steel rack provided and installed by resident.


Location: St. Croix
Solar access at rack mounting location: Unobstructed - Uninterrupted solar access
Solar orientation at rack mounting location: Southwest
Roof material: Not applicable. Resident will provide a steel rack upon which the collectors will be mounted. The rack will be flat and attached to the roof and ground supports.
Mounting rack: The resident has constructed a rack for the collector mounting. The rack frame dimensions are 10'6" in width and the length is adjustable up to 18". The frame was constructed using 2" X 2" galvanized angle 1/4" thick on 2" galvanized pipe poles, together with the existing 2" pipe stanchions attached through the roof to the roof rafters.
Roof trusses: Not applicable
Roof pitch: Not applicable
Roof condition: Not applicable
Access to attic Not applicable.
Distance from collector location to water heater Horizontal - 6 feet
Vertical - 8 feet
Location of water water heater Interior mechanical room on second floor.
Existing water heater

Existing 40 gallon water heater will be replaced with an 80 gallons solar storage tank.

Water heater drain valve Drain valve is accessible
Hot water outlet line from tank 1/2" copper piping
Cold service line to tank 1/2" copper piping
Cold service line to tank isolation valve Valve is installed
Water system Cistern


Water heater Replace existing water heater with 80 gallon solar storage tank. Provide local code acceptable conduit for electrical wiring to water heater.
Collector mounting rack Solar collectors will be mounted on a steel rack provided by the resident.
Collector feed and return lines Four (4) 1/2" copper lines are already run from the mechanical room to the collector mounting site. Two of the lines will be used for the supply and return. One of the lines will be used as a chase for the PV module electrical wire. (See Plumb1 and Plumb2 photographs.)
Miscellaneous: The 80 gallon solar storage tank will be used for residential use and also serve as a pre-heater for a 30 gallon electric water heater located on the first floor. Resident will make connections between the 80 gallon solar storage tank and the existing 30 gallon water heater.
Monitoring equipment A solar system BTU meter and water heater watthour meter will be installed at this site.

Note: Please also see the general program specification requirements.