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Picture of the Dikovics' home.

Richard Dikovics
9032 Estate Ratan
St. Croix
Contact: Richard Dikovics

A 40 square foot collector and an 80 gallon solar storage tank have already been installed at this site. The collector has been roof mounted and the storage tank has been installed in the attic. Work required at this site will include the installation of the balance of system components; collector loop plumbing and valves, photovoltaic module, dc pump, tank electrical hookup, etc.


System type: Direct active photovoltaic controlled system
Note: The collector and solar tank have already been installed. Bidding installer is to complete the installation process.
Number of system: 1 each
Collector: 1 each 4x10 collector that is already attached to roof.
Auxiliary water heater: Connect to existing 80 solar storage tank.
Required tilt angle Collector is already installed


Location: St. Croix
Solar access at roof mounting location Unobstructed - Uninterrupted solar access
Solar orientation at roof mounting location Southwest
Roof material Metal
Roof trusses Standard trusses
Roof pitch 15-20 degrees
Roof condition Suitable for installation
Access to attic Yes - though access door in hallway
Distance from collector location to water heater Horizontal - 4 feet
Vertical - 8 feet
Location of water heater Attic
Existing water heater (Solar tank already installed) Lochinvar
80 gallons solar storage
Water heater drain valve Drain valve is accessible
Hot water outlet line from tank 1/2" copper and PVC piping
Cold service line to tank -
Cold service line to tank isolation valve -
Water system Cistern


Existing water heater Solar storage tank has already been installed. Tank needs to be connected to electrical service.
Completion of installation Balance of system installation needs to be completed. This includes collector loop valves (air vent, pressure relief valve), PV module, DC pump, roof flashing for collector feed and return lines.
Monitoring A solar system BTU meter and water heater watt hour meter will be installed at this site.

Note: Please also see the general program specification requirements.