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Appendix A


Please return this survey to:

D. Parker
Florida Solar Energy Center

1679 Clearlake Road
Cocoa, FL 32922-5703

March 1996

A. Background Information

1. School District ____________________

2. School name ____________________

3. Street ____________________

4. City ____________________

5. Zip Code ____________________

6. Telephone ____________________

7. Principal ____________________

8. Maintenance Coordinator ____________________

9. Year originally built? ____________________

10. Major additions? (yr.) ____________________

B. School Type and Characteristics

Note: We are aware that some items, such as number of portable classrooms, may change frequently.

1. School type:

a. Elementary box
b. Middle/Jr. High box
c. High School box
d. Vocational box
e. Community College box

2. a. Gross floor area of all premanent buildings? ____________________

b. Conditioned floor area of all permanent buildings? ____________________
(excluding portable classrooms)

3. Number of operated portable classrooms?____________________

a. Total floor area of portable classrooms? ____________________

4. Gymnasium? Yes box No box

5. Auditoriums? Yes box No box

6. Media Centers? Yes box No box

7. Cafeteria? Yes box No box

a. If Yes, approximately how many meals are prepared on the average school day?___________

b. How many meals are served? ____________________

c. Is this a satellite serving facility box ; or a main cooking facility box .

8. Number of refrigerators or freezers? ____________________

9. Approximate number of students (maximum) during year? ____________________

10. Average number of faculty/teachers? ____________________

11. Number of administrative/clerical and other staff?____________________

12. Athletic facilities with showers? Yes box No box

13. Swimming pool? Yes box No box

a. Heated? Yes box No box

C. Operation and Schedule

1. Number of days per year with students? ____________________

2. Year round school? Yes box No box

3. Closed summers? Yes box No box

4. Special summer school? Yes box No box

a. Average number of students? ____________________

5. Number of non-school days with faculty?

6. Night school or adult education? Yes box No box

7. Schedule during school year: Time (NA if not applicable)

a. Maintenance staff arrives ____________________
b. Faculty/staff arrives ____________________
c. Students arrive ____________________
d. Students depart ____________________
e. Faculty departs ____________________
f. Night school staff arrives ____________________
g. Night students arrive ____________________
h. Night school students depart ____________________
i. Night school staff departs ____________________
j. Maintenance staff departs ____________________

8. Are administrative offices open year round? Yes box No box

a. If no, what dates so they open ____________________
close ____________________
b. Time open ____________________
c. Time closed ____________________

9. Is the school air conditioned during non-school hours? Yes box No box

a. During non-school days? Yes box No box
b. Over summer break and on holidays? Yes box No box

10. If the school is air conditioned during non-school periods, which of the following are conditioned during these times. (Check all that apply):

a. Most of buildings and facilities box
b. Library/media center box
c. Gymnasium box
d. Administrative offices box
e. Cafeteria box
f. Other

11. What is the most common cooling temperature maintained inside classroom facilities? (Important! please verify by measurement if possible)

a. In use ____________________
b. Non-occupied periods ____________________

12. What is the most common heating temperature maintained inside facilities?

a. In use ____________________
b. Non-occupied periods ____________________

13. How are interior temperatures maintained (check all that apply):

a. box Individual manual thermostats
b. box Central thermostats
c. Locked? Yes box No box
d. box Clock thermostats
e. box Energy management system
f. Direct Digital Controls (DDC) Yes box No box Not sure box

14. Are windows ever opened for natural ventilation rather than using mechanical cooling? Yes box No box

15. What is the design mechanical ventilation rate per student (cfm)? ____________________
Don't know____________________

16. Approximately how old is the main HVAC system? ____________________yrs.

17. Previous problems at your facility with excessive humidity (eg. mold/mildew)?

Yes box No box

18. Have there ever been complaints of poor indoor air quality?

Yes box No box

19. Previous complaints from students and staff regarding indoor temperatures?

Yes box No box

20. Have thermostat settings been changed in the last year due to comfort complaints? Yes box
No box

21. Is an active energy educational awareness program in place?

a. At your school? Yes box No box
b. At your district? Yes box No box

D. Energy Systems

(In this section, the facility manager will be asked about a number of technical items, many with which they may be unfamiliar. Please check all that apply and leave blank if unsure. Don't worry if there are questions no one can answer. Do the best you can, but realize that you are not expected to be familiar with all the described systems. Where there are multiple buildings, please check all that apply or give information that is most generally applicable.)


1. Insulated roof or ceiling: box

2. Gravel over built up roof box

3. Single ply membrane box

4. Color: (Light box , Medium box , Dark box )

5. Modified bitumen (tar paper) box

6. Asphalt shingle box

7. Insulated walls box

8. Windows in classrooms box

9. No windows in classrooms box

10. Tinted or solar control glass box

11. Skylights box


12. Central chillers:

Reciprocating box , Screw box , Centrifugal box , Yes, but don't know type box

13. Packaged or split system ACs box

14. Roof-top units box

15. Heat pumps box

16. Water loop heat pumps box

17. Window or wall air conditioning units box

18. Strip electric resistance heating box

19. Heat pump heating box

20. Furnace heating system box

21. Boiler heating system box

22. Cooling tower(s) box

23. Variable frequency drives box

24. Constant volume air distribution box

25. Variable air volume system box

26. Fan coil system box

27. Ceiling return plenum box

28. Dehumidification heat pipes box

29. Enthalpy wheel box

30. Demand ventilation control (CO2 sensors) box

31. Gas absorption cooling box

32. Low temperature air system box


33. Standard fluorescent lighting fixtures box

34. Fluorescent fixtures with electronic ballasts box

35. Clock or other automatic scheduling box

36. Incandescent exit lighting box

37. Fluorescent exit lighting box

38. Occupancy sensors box

39. Outdoor security lighting box

40. Motion sensor control of outdoor lighting box

41. Parking lot lighting box

42. Athletic field lighting box


43. Fully manual controls box

44. Clock controls box

45. Operating clock control? Yes box No box

46. Energy management system (EMS) box

47. Operating EMS? Yes box No box


49. Ceiling fans in classrooms? Yes box No box

50. Computer labs? Yes box No box

E. Energy Data

1. What is the primary heating fuel for the facility?

a. Electric box

b. Natural gas box

c. Oil box

d. Propane box

e. Solar box

2. What is the primary water heating fuel?

a. None, no hot water box

b. Electric box

c. Natural gas box

d. Oil box

e. Propane box

f. Solar w/backup box

F. Very Important! Please attach all utility billing records for each month of 1995 for all fuels that apply:

1 Electricity

2 Natural gas

3 Oil

4 Propane

Primary person completing this survey:

Name: ____________________

Title: ____________________

Telephone: ___________________

Other Comments: __________________________________________________________



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