April 2006

Solar Water Heating Manual Now Available on Web

Two of FSEC’s most popular training manuals have been combined and revised into a new edition called “Solar Water and Pool Heating Manual: Design and Installation & Repair and Maintenance.” In addition to being rewritten to include new material and an easier format for instruction, the new book has been updated and posted on the web for use by contractors, builders, home owners and others interested in learning more about solar water heaters.

Cover of the Solar Water Heater and Pool manualThe manual, originally written in 1982 and first updated 10 years later, is designed to give the knowledge and skills needed to design, install, operate and maintain the most common types of solar water heating systems.  It includes the material from the original design and installation manual and the repair and maintenance manuals.  It is used in training programs at FSEC and around the country, and has been a recommended reference manual for the Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board’s exam.
This latest edition was revised by FSEC’s John Harrison, Charlie Cromer and Bill Guiney.  The book features an overview of solar thermal applications, provides basic information on the principles of solar energy, reviews solar thermal technologies, and provides detailed instruction on the safe, efficient installation of solar water heating and pool heating systems. The manual is divided into six sections, with each separated into individual modules:
Section 1: Solar Concepts provides an introduction, table of contents, and a basic understanding of solar thermal concepts.
Section 2: Solar Water Heating Systems focuses on what are commonly called solar domestic hot water systems, which heat water.
Section 3: System Installation covers the steps involved in installing a solar water heating system.
Section 4: Troubleshooting presents structured methods to follow in diagnosing and correcting solar water heating system problems.
Section 5: Solar Swimming Pool Heating Systems is devoted to solar systems that provide heat for swimming pools.
An Appendix includes several sections with detailed reference materials.

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