Combustion Safety Training
As a mandatory requirement to maintain certification, RESNET HERS Raters (a Class 1 in Florida) must comply with the new RESNET Combustion Appliance Safety Testing protocols outlined in Chapter 8 of RESNET Standards. Combustion Safety Testing is a requirement for homes with gas appliances participating in the EnergyStar program. Raters certified prior to 12/31/13 have until 12/31/14 to pass the Combustion module. Click here to register
Summer is nice and hot and wet.  We build enclosures to keep us at a comfortable 55° dewpoint temperature (typically 75°F and 50% RH).  Florida has an outside dewpoint temperature that is in the low 70's during the summer (and after a rain – shoots up to where the temperature and dewpoint temperature are nearly identical).  It is all about the dewpoint – when do things start sweating? Learn more.
With all of the RESNET changes, and the changes that are on the horizon, QA has become one of the items that are priority at RESNET and with the builders that home energy raters are servicing. Documenting all of the homes with checklists and field review of both HERS Index Scored Homes and ENERGY STAR Homes is imperative.

When doing your final inspection, in addition to your blower door and duct testing, what should you check and document with pictures?
Find out here.

Training Schedule
2015 Continuing Education Dates
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Complete Course List
Combustion Safety Oct 27-29
Challenge/Retake Exams
Oct 30
Wx Quality Control Inspector
Nov 3-7
Moisture Problems Nov 10
Commercial Energy Code
Nov 13
Commercial Rater Training
Nov 14
Energy Star Version 3
Nov 17-18
Combustion Safety Nov 19-21
Florida Commercial Code
Nov 19
Florida Residential Code
Nov 20
From Blueprints to...
Dec 1
EnergyGauge Pro Hands-On
Dec 2
Class 3 Rater Training
Dec 3
Class 2 Rater Training
Dec 4-5
Class 1 Rater Training
Dec 8-11
Challenge/Retake Exams
Dec 12
Combustion Safety Dec 15-17
Challenge/Retake Exams
Dec 18

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