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FSEC's New Building Science Training Center
We are now up and running in the Building Science Training Center located on FSEC's main campus in Cocoa, Florida. The facility holds all of the hands-on training modules that were located at the off-site facility, and we have even added a few more.

New FSEC Training Center
Photo Credit: Nick Waters

New Building Science Course Offerings
New building science courses have been added to the training schedule for 2013 and for those eligible CEU's and PDU's (for RESNET certified raters) will be available. In addition, classes taught by Dennis Stroer from Calcs-Plus will be offered. Dennis brings more than 30 years HVAC and rater experience.

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Neil Moyer has nearly 30 years experience in the building science, retrofit, and rater industry.  Gain first-hand knowledge as he shares tips and tricks, and tools-of-the-trade related to building diagnostics.

Question: Should the blower door test be performed in a pressurized or depressurized mode? 

Do you know the answer? Find out here!

Tei Kucharski brings the rating industry to life and will share about ratings in Florida (and across the nation), software tips, tricks & updates, ENERGY STAR insights, and her role in quality assurance.

Question: Is there a rater class distinction in Florida?

Are there two or three? Find out the answer here!

Training Schedule
MARCH 2013
Challenge/Retake Exams
Mar 4
Installing PV Systems
Mar 4-8
Florida Weatherization
Mar 11-15
HVAC Installer EStar V3
Mar 20
ACCA Manual J and EnergyStar
Mar 21-22
ACCA Manual J, D, S Intro
Mar 21
ACCA Manual J Basics
Mar 22
Adv Pressure Diagnostics
Mar 29
APRIL 2013
Combustion Safety
Apr 1-3
Rater Refresher Course
Apr 4
Challenge/Retake Exams
Apr 5
Intro to IR Camera
Apr 8
Adv Pressure Diagnostics
Apr 9
Dense-Pack Sidewall Ins.
Apr 10
Air Sealing
Apr 11
Florida Commercial Code
Apr 16
Commercial Energy Code
Apr 17
Commercial Rater Training
Apr 18
Florida Residential Code
Apr 23
FL Green Home Training
Apr 24-25

HVAC QI Technician Checklist for EnergyStar V3

Next Class : March 20, 2013
$329 | Click here to register
Credits: 7 RESNET PDU's

Target Audience:
HVAC Contractors & Technicians,
Energy Raters

This is a one-day class designed with the checklist as the outline.  It was created with the technician in mind, discussing ways to gather the information and to complete the task in the most efficient way possible.  A working residential air conditioning system will be used for “hands-on” demonstrations of the various measurement techniques and procedures. Where those measurements should be input on the ENERGY STAR checklist will be covered.

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