Combustion Safety ClassCombustion Safety Training

Next Class : May 7-9, 2013

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New Combustion Safety Class for RESNET HERS Raters (a Class 1 Rater in Florida).  This two-day class will introduce you to combustion appliances and the methods by which they are to be tested to comply with the new RESNET Combustion Appliance Safety Testing protocols (effective April 15, 2013) outlined in Chapter 8 of RESNET Standards.

The Raters certified prior to 12/31/13 have until 12/31/14 to pass the RESNET Combustion Safety and Work Scope Certification which is a mandatory requirement to maintain Rater certification. Currently, certification requires completion of an online open book multiple choice exam (25 questions, 2 hours) and an interactive 3-D field simulation exam.

Topics include the new RESNET protocols, how to perform the testing, hands on practice, and a walk through of the simulation tool. Students are able to take the test on the third day or can choose to come back on another exam day.

Spring is in the air - so what does that have to do with your manometer calibration?  Probably nothing, except Spring means new beginnings and we need to make sure that our equipment is up to the task ahead.

Question: Why do I need to have my manometer calibrated? 

Learn why and where you can have your manometer calibrated.

Question: What are my roles and responsibilities as a home energy rater?

Find out what's "in your hands."

Training Schedule
APRIL 2013
Challenge/Retake Exams
Apr 5
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Apr 16
Commercial Energy Code
Apr 17
Commercial Rater Training
Apr 18
Florida Residential Code
Apr 23
FL Green Home Training
Apr 24-25
MAY 2013
Combustion Safety
May 7-9
From Blueprints to...
May 13
EnergyGauge Pro Hands-On
May 14
Class 3 Rater Training
May 15
Class 2 Rater Training
May 16-17
Class 1 Rater Training
May 20-23
Challenge/Retake Exams
May 24
Rater Refresher Course
May 28
EnergyStar V3 Training
May 29-30
Solar Water Heating
May 29-31
Adv Pressure Diagnostics
May 31
JUNE 2013
Installing PV Systems
Jun 10-14
Rating Field Inspector
Jun 10-14
Intro to IR Camera
Jun 17
Adv Pressure Diagnostics
Jun 18
Dense-Pack Sidewall Ins.
Jun 19
Air Sealing
Jun 20
Challenge/Retake Exams
Jun 21
JULY 2013
HVAC Installer EStar V3 Jul 10
ACCA Manual J and EnergyStar Jul 11-12
ACCA Manual J, D, S Intro Jul 11
ACCA Manual J Basics Jul 11
Florida Commercial Code
Jul 23

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