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Take a look at pictures from the 2007 event!

In the spirit of automotive innovation, the SunDay Challenge was created in 1991 to educate people about alternative fuel vehicles and that there is another choice for automotive fuel besides gasoline and petroleum diesel. The event showcases and promotes alternative energy technologies to power vehicles of the future to solve our transportation energy and air quality problems. Vehicles powered by electricity, solar, ethanol, biomass, bio-diesel, hydrogen, natural gas, propane and other renewable energy sources will compete in this multi-activity event. Though some vehicles are prototypes of future car technologies being tested, many are viable commercially available vehicles. A road rally is the main event, but the autocross and educational activities provide an exchange of ideas and product information.

The Florida Solar Energy Center, Florida Electric Auto Association, Florida Institute of Technology, and Space Coast Clean Cities Coalition will conduct an alternative energy vehicle event featuring solar, fuel cell, electric and hybrid vehicles. The three day event will consist of performance testing, autocross, road rally and workshop.