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The agenda for the September 22 demonstration follows. You may click each agenda item for the accompanying presentation PDF file, or download all files as a ZIP below.

Agenda (individual presentations available as PDF files)

  1. Welcome from Host (Lakeland Electric)
  2. Introduction to Overall Project Objectives and Department of Energy Grid Integration Overview (Sandia National Laboratories)
  3. Team Objectives and SEGIS Project Approach (Florida Solar Energy Center)
  4. Grid-Smart Utility Control (Satcon)
  5. The Shared Inverter: The Solstice Solution (Satcon)
  6. Ride-Through and Permissive Signal Anti-Islanding (Lakeland Electric, Florida Solar Energy Center, Northern Plains Power Technologies)
  7. Future Functionality (Satcon)
  8. Perspective from the Utility Host (Lakeland Electric)
  9. Perspective from the Owner/Integrator/Developer (SunEdison)
  10. Wrap Up and Next Up (Florida Solar Energy Center)

For your convenience, you may also download all presentations in a zip file.