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Photovoltaic Training Programs

For over thirty years, FSEC has conducted education, training and information exchange for photovoltaic system and distributed generation applications. Hundreds of workshops, seminars and presentations have been delivered by the FSEC PV staff in Florida, throughout the US and abroad. These courses have reached diverse groups and individuals in many countries. This site provides information about the PV programs, and includes course schedules and content, performance objectives, targeted audiences, and registration details for current offerings.

Students getting hands-on training installing photovoltaics. Photovoltaic System Technical Sales is a two day course that covers the essentials of photovoltaic systems sales. This workshop is targeted to sales personnel, contractors, and solar practitioners who market photovoltaic systems.  Successful sales techniques will be presented and discussed throughout the course.
Learn more about this course.

Students getting hands-on training installing photovoltaics. Installing Photovoltaic System is an intensive week-long course targeted toward contractors, journeymen, and practitioners who install residential or small commercial grid-connected PV systems. In 2001, FSEC received accreditation for this course offering from the Institute for Sustainable Power. Over 1500 individuals have attended this hands-on oriented program since 1999. Learn more about this course.

Introduction to Electricity graphic Introduction to Electricity Getting the most out of our photovoltaic training program requires that students have a fundamental understanding of electrical systems, their properties and terminology.  In order to help students explore these topics, we produced a short video and accompanying quiz to help our customers gauge their level of understanding regarding these topics. Learn more.