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Stylized Text: Installing & Maintaining PV Emergency Backup Power Systems


Presented by:
Bill Young
(321) 638-1443

Workshop Description:

Some schools are used as shelter in time of disaster.  The loss of electrical power impacts the operation of the school as a shelter for evacuees from there homes. This course covers the design, operation, installation and maintenance of Photovoltaic (PV) emergency backup power systems and equipment.  Technologies includes solar radiation, system orientation, site dynamics, design parameters, system configuration, functional operations, components characteristics, code requirements, materials performance, reliability, construction practices, safety issues, business practices, and incentives.   Participants will gain working knowledge of grid-connect and stand-alone operation, while emphasizing code compliance installations and accepted state-of-the-art designs for emergency power system for shelter schools.  Utility and emergency management planning and practices will be presented.

Who should attend:

This course was designed for SunSmart Schools program and employees of school districts, also code officials, teachers, school administrators, facilities personnel, electricians, architects, code officials, building inspectors, mass care providers and emergency managers. Other interested people may attend with permission of the instructor.


7.4 CEU hours


Start Stop Description
8:30 8:40 Welcome and Introductions
8:40 9:30 Introduction to Disasters
9:30 10:20 Restoring Power
10:30 11:10 History of Using Solar in Disasters
11:10 12:00 The Science of Solar Energy.
1:00 1:50 Photovoltaic System Design and Operation
1:50 2:40 Installing the PV System
3:00 3:50 Disaster Resistant Sustainable Buildings
3:50 4:10 Maintenance and reliability
4:10 4:30 Final Testing and review
4:30 4:45 Closing Comments


The workshop is offered at the Florida Solar Energy Center in Cocoa, Florida, USA or
It may be at your location upon special arrangements.

General Information:

There are no prerequisites or qualifications for the course.  You only need to bring yourself with an open curious mind. 


Registration is free for SunSmart School program participants. If you are not a participant the registration fee is $199 per person paid at least 2 weeks before the workshop.  There is a minimum attendance of 5 and a maximum of 50 persons. The workshop fee is non refundable, however your credit will be honored once. 


Bill Young with 20 years of experience in solar energy and disaster response.

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