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Presented by:
Bill Young
(321) 638-1443

Workshop Description:

This workshop provides the basics on the use of solar energy in various disasters to supply energy needs for response, recovery and mitigation.  The history and experiences of using various solar applications for the past 20 years in disasters will be presented.   Solar thermal hot water, photovoltaics, solar cookers, water purification and other renewable energy applications will be presented, as well as conservation practices.  This presentation gives an understanding into what you and your community can do about energy needs before and after a disaster and where to get help.  The viability of various solar energy sources to satisfy energy needs will be reviewed.  The benefit of solar energy for backup emergency power for buildings as a means of establishing disaster resistant buildings will be presented.  You will learn how solar energy works and how to make it part of your disaster program


Who should attend:

Representatives of any organization involved in disasters, including emergency managers, disaster relief organizations, government agencies, and industry.  Also, anyone who does not know about solar energy and the impact of disasters on their energy needs should attend. 



3 1/3 hour electronic presentation



  5 minutes            Welcome and Introductions
10 minutes             How am I impacted by a disaster?
20 minutes             Identifying the role of renewables in a disaster            
50 minutes             How does solar energy work?
30 minutes             What has been done before using renewable energy resources?
30 minutes             How does solar energy fit into a disaster resistant community?
30 minutes             Do you have a disaster plan and does it incorporate solar?
15 minutes             Exhibits and exercises
10 minutes             Closing comments and questions


The workshop is offered at the Florida Solar Energy Center in Cocoa, Florida, USA or
It may be at your location upon special arrangements.

General Information:

There are no prerequisites or qualifications for the course.  You only need to bring yourself with an open curious mind. 


The registration fee is $100 per person paid at least 2 weeks before the workshop.  There is a minimum attendance of 5 and a maximum of 25 persons. The workshop fee is non refundable, however your credit will be honored once. 


Bill Young with 20 years of experience in solar energy and disaster response.


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