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PV module registration is not a substitute for FSEC PV System Certification. The presence of a PV module on this list does not constitute certification for a PV system designed using that module. FSEC PV System Certification is a separate process that requires the use of registered modules.

For more information about FSEC PV System Certification including a list of certified systems, please visit this link.

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Module Number Nameplate Rating
SW09-NT90-0369 SW220 220
SW09-NT90-0393 SW230 230
SW10-ACTL-0394 Sunmodule Plus SW235 Mono 235
SW10-ACTL-0395 Sunmodule Plus SW240 Mono 240
SW10-ACTL-0396 Sunmodule Plus SW225 Mono Black 225
SW10-ACTL-0397 Sunmodule Plus SW245 Mono 245
SW10-ACTL-0398 Sunmodule Plus SW235 Mono Black 235
SW10-ACTL-0399 Sunmodule Plus SW250 Mono 250
SW10-ACTL-0400 Sunmodule Plus SW225 Poly 225
SW10-ACTL-0401 Sunmodule Plus SW230 Poly 230
SW10-ACTL-0402 Sunmodule Plus SW235 Poly 235
SW11-NT90-0403 Sunmodule Plus SW260 Mono 260
SW11-NT90-0404 Sunmodule Plus SW255 Mono 255
SW11-NT90-0405 Sunmodule Plus SW245 Poly 245
SW11-NT90-0406 Sunmodule Plus SW240 Poly 240
SW11-NT90-0407 Sunmodule Plus SW245 Mono Black 245
SW12-NT90-0408 Sunmodule Plus SW265 Mono 265
SW12-NT90-0409 Sunmodule Plus SW270 Mono 270
SW12-NT90-0410 Sunmodule Plus SW275 Mono 275
SW13-NT90-0411 Sunmodule Plus SW265 Mono Black 265
SW13-NT90-0412 Sunmodule Plus SW270 Mono Black 270
SW14-NT90-0413 Sunmodule Plus SW250 Poly 250
SW14-NT90-0414 Sunmodule Plus SW255 Poly 255
SW14-NT90-0415 Sunmodule Plus SW280 Mono 280
SW14-NT90-0416 Sunmodule Protect SW265 Mono 265
SW14-NT90-0417 Sunmodule Protect SW270 Mono 270
SW14-NT90-0418 Sunmodule Protect SW275 Mono 275
SW14-NT90-0419 Sunmodule Protect SW280 Mono 280
SW14-NT90-0420 Sunmodule Protect SW260 Mono Black 260
SW14-NT90-0421 Sunmodule Protect SW265 Mono Black 265
SW14-NT90-0422 Sunmodule Protect SW270 Mono Black 270
SW14-NT90-0423 Sunmodule Protect SW275 Mono Black 275
SW14-NT90-0424 Sunmodule Plus SW275 Mono Black 275
SW14-NT90-0425 Sunmodule SW305 XL Mono 305
SW14-NT90-0426 Sunmodule SW310 XL Mono 310
SW14-NT90-0427 Sunmodule SW315 XL Mono 315
SW15-ACTL-0428 Sunmodule Plus SW285 Mono 285
SW15-ACTL-0429 Sunmodule Plus SW290 Mono 290
SW15-ACTL-0430 Sunmodule Plus SW260 Poly 260
SW15-ACTL-0431 Sunmodule Plus SW320 XL Mono 320
SW15-ACTL-0432 Sunmodule Plus SW335 XL Mono 335
SW15-ACTL-0433 Sunmodule Plus SW285 Mono Black 285
SW15-ACTL-0434 Sunmodule Plus SW280 Mono Black 280
SW15-ACTL-0435 Sunmodule Protect SW285 Mono 285
SW15-ACTL-0436 Sunmodule Protect SW280 Mono Black 280
SW15-ACTL-0437 Sunmodule SW325 XL Mono 325
SW15-ACTL-0438 Sunmodule Plus SW285 Mono 285
SW15-ACTL-0439 Sunmodule Plus SW300 Mono 300
SW15-ACTL-0440 Sunmodule SW340 XL Mono 340
SW15-ACTL-0441 Sunmodule SW345 XL Mono 345
SW15-ACTL-0442 Sunmodule SW350 XL Mono 350
SW16-NT90-0443 Sunmodule Bison SW270 duo 270
SW16-NT90-0444 Sunmodule Bison SW265 duo 265
SW16-NT90-0445 Sunmodule Bison SW275 duo 275
SW16-NT90-0446 Sunmodule Bison SW320 XL duo 320
SW16-NT90-0447 Sunmodule Bison SW325 XL duo 325
SW16-NT90-0448 Sunmodule Plus SW290 Mono Black 290


The following four character designations are used in the FSEC PV Module Registration number to indicate:

  • FSEC - Performance tested at FSEC
  • ACTL - Performance tested at another accredited testing laboratory
  • NT90 - Not tested at FSEC; certified at 90% of nominal nameplate power in accordance with the minimum power output requirements of UL 1703
  • NTAC - Not tested at FSEC; AC PV module
"-P" Indicates a provisional registration.