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Kenmec Mechanical Engineering
No. 5, Tzu-Chiang 1st Road
Taoyuan Hsien, 32063, Taiwan


PV module registration is not a substitute for FSEC PV System Certification. The presence of a PV module on this list does not constitute certification for a PV system designed using that module. FSEC PV System Certification is a separate process that requires the use of registered modules.

For more information about FSEC PV System Certification including a list of certified systems, please visit this link.

Kenmec Mechanical Engineering

Module Number Nameplate Rating
KE10-NT90-0101 TKSA-24001 240
KE10-NT90-0102 TKSA-23501 235
KE10-NT90-0104 TKSA-22501 225
KE10-NT90-0105 TKSB-22001 220
KE10-NT90-0106 TKSB-21501 215
KE10-NT90-0107 TKSB-21001 210
KE10-NT90-0108 TKSB-20501 205
KE10-NT90-0109 TKSB-20001 200
KE10-NT90-0110 TKSA-23001 230


The following four character designations are used in the FSEC PV Module Registration number to indicate:

  • FSEC - Performance tested at FSEC
  • ACTL - Performance tested at another accredited testing laboratory
  • NT90 - Not tested at FSEC; certified at 90% of nominal nameplate power in accordance with the minimum power output requirements of UL 1703
  • NTAC - Not tested at FSEC; AC PV module
"-P" Indicates a provisional registration.