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Stylized Text: Gossamer Wind Series Ceiling Fans.

Picture of the Windward II Ceiling Fan.Ceiling fans are very popular in American households. They are decorative and they provide enhanced comfort, especially during hot weather.

The Gossamer Wind was conceived by Danny Parker at the Florida Solar Energy Center as a means of realizing the energy efficiency and comfort potential of ceiling fans. The Gossamer Wind series ceiling fans can provide significant energy savings. Compared to conventional ceiling fans, they consume approximately half the energy in operation, saving an estimated $20 per year in electricity costs while providing the same or greater air velocities. To date, approximately 2 million Gossamer Wind ceiling fans have been purchased across the country, saving users more than $40 million annually. These savings can be further augmented by the reduced air conditioning from raising thermostat temperatures. This is possible since the enhanced air flow allows people to be equally comfortable at temperatures that are 2-4 °F higher.

Picture of Gossamer Wind website logo.The Gossamer Wind Series is currently available at Home Depot stores across the nation in several models. All have an ENERGY STAR efficiency rating, and two have an advanced temperature-based remote control. They can be purchased online at Search term is "Windward."