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The following is a list of manuals that have been produced and used in FSEC training programs. The manuals made available here are not necessarily the latest editions.

Picture of the Energy-Efficient Florida Home Building Manual. Energy-Efficient Florida Home Building Manual
Revised: 1992, Pages: 162, Cost: Free

This manual presents practical, real-life recommendations on how to design and build homes in Florida. It contains information specific to our state's climate and lifestyles, rather than the overly general information found in most residential building publications.

Picture of the Photovoltaic System Design Course Manual.Photovoltaic System Design Course Manual
Revised: 2006, Pages: 408, Cost: $45

The intent of this manual is to equip the reader with the knowledge to design and size stand-alone photovoltaic systems, produce component and systems specifications, compare the economics of various systems, and compare stand-alone and utility-interactive systems.

Picture of the Solar Water and Pool Heating Manual.Solar Water and Pool Heating Manual
Revised: 2006, Pages: 203, Cost: $25

The intent of this manual is to equip the reader with the knowledge and skills needed to design, install, operate and maintain the most common types of solar water heating systems.

Use this manual for the Florida Solar Contractor test.